The sale of Probate Homes is a specialized area in residential real estate sales. The process can be very complicated. A thorough understanding of the court proceedings, necessary documentations and many timelines are essential to facilitating the process.  A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist can help.

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What is Probate?

Probate is the court process required to distribute the assets of a deceased loved one who has died without a fully vested trust in place.

Will or No Will?
Whether the person who died (decedent) left a will (testate) or without a will (intestate), the estate will have to go through the probate court.

If there is real estate left in the will, it may have to be sold. The sale of a probate home can be challenging.  Often times there are many moving parts that requires a certain level of knowledge in order to be effective in coordinating a sale.  This is where a Specialist is highly recommended.

What makes a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (C.P.R.E.S.) different from all  other real estate agents?

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Probate/Inherited Home Sales
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A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist:

  • Certified by US Probate Services
  • Specializes in selling probate homes
  • Trained in the probate process
  • Have a thorough understanding of necessary procedures, documentations and timelines to prepare and sell a probate home
  • Experienced in working with the courts, attorneys and other professionals.
  • Can provide valuable guidance and assistance in helping you understand the process of selling your probate
  • Prepare a comprehensive Probate Comparable Market Analysis (PCMA) and Comparative Market Analysis. (CMA). (Both will be required by the courts to determine the value of the property at different times during the process.)

An executor who resides out of state will find a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist especially helpful. In addition to the numerous other responsibilities of the agent, a Specialist will provide reputable and reasonably priced local professionals needed to secure and maintain the property while the estate is being probated. A Specialist will know how to use her expertise to list and sell the property at a price that will be acceptable to the courts.

I’m a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and a Licensed Real Estate agent experienced in helping families with probate homes sales. I am trained to help reduce the stress associated with selling the house while getting as much for the estate as possible.

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**It is always advisable to speak to a probate attorney to provide appropriate and timely legal advice.