The Best Protection You Can Get When Buying A Babylon and Surrounding Areas House Is Picking The Right Buyer’s Agent

As you know, buying a Babylon and Surrounding Areas area property can be a big investment, you need a buyer’s agent.

You’ve been searching online for properties, maybe for months. Pulling up Zillow or is probably a daily habit by now and you’ve seen lots of properties come and go since you started searching.

But now you’re ready to get serious, right?

That’s where it can be critical to work with the right Babylon and Surrounding Areas buyer’s  agent.

But, how do you know if you’ve found the right one?

Does it even matter who you use as your buyer’s agent? After all, any agent can drive around and show you houses… right?

Well, that’s what many local home buyers think at first…

… and some choose their friend who has their real estate agent license or that person they saw in the newspaper thinking that “All real estate agents in the Babylon and Surrounding Areas are the same“.

But many later find out that the wrong buyer’s agent in  the Babylon and Surrounding Areas can be costly.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Working with the wrong buyer’s agent can cause you to…

  • Lose the home you really want to another buyer  because the agent is a part time agent or because of a badly prepared offer
  • Pay too much for a house based on emotion vs. solid facts
  • Waste hours and hours seeing homes that aren’t what you’re looking for
  • Miss out on an amazing house because it was a “For Sale By Owner” or Foreclosure and that agent isn’t experienced dealing with those types of sellers (or finding those properties) 
  • Overlooking issues with the house that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and would have been noticed with years of experience working with the right inspectors and professionals.                         Representing a buyer  is a specialized area of real estate sales.  Most Babylon area real estate agents do not have the training to properly offer this representation.   As a Certified Buyer Representative (CBR), I have advanced training that allows me to offer buyers specialized services that protects them throughout the process.  /li>

The Right Babylon and Surrounding Areas Buyer’s Agent Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars, Dozens Of Hours, And Lots Of Headaches

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Real estate is usually the single largest financial decision most of us make. Carlene Calabrese can help you make sure you not only find the house, condo or co-op you’re looking for, I will also will help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that only comes with education and experience. Forbes – Core Concepts Of Making A Wise Real Estate Purchasing Decision. Not all agents offer buyer representation. Most agents simply DO NOT have the certification and ARE NOT qualified to represent buyers. Providing buyer representation to a client is generally done with a written contract and increases the agent’s responsibility and liability.  Without a contract or full written disclosure, the agent will be, by default working for the seller. As you begin this journey of finding your dream home, it is wise for you to know the different types of agencies that a real estate agent can legally offer.

I am an experienced, licensed real estate agent with a Certification in Buyer Representation (CBR). I have received extensive training in representing buyers and I am knowledgeable of all the responsibilities associated with this advanced designation.  If you are planning to purchase a home in the Babylon NY area you will need a qualified, local expert.  Contact me so we can discuss the services I provide as a Certified Buyer Representative.

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