Sold homes in Babylon

I have sold some of the most beautiful homes in the Babylon Area. For over ten years my realty work in finding the perfect home for you or selling your home is equal to none. I work hard to help you and your family to get a decently priced home in a great neighborhood with all the needs you asked for. I’ll try my best to fulfill your expectations and get you as fast as possible in your new house.

On the other hand if you decide to leave the Babylon area I will try my hardest to get you the price and quickest sell I can provide. With the least to no bumps in the road. dealing with the bank and town officials if needed. I can even help to provide some answers to questions you of the buyers have and solve some or all of those problems or questions to everyone satisfaction. Here are some of the recent homes and I sold and how I followed through the entire process till the end. Enjoy the videos. Call me at my office number or my cell for your Babylon Area realty needs.

Ready to Work With Me? Great! Give Me A Phone Call At My Office (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819 or On My Contact Page

Sold homes in Babylon New York - February 2020

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