Top Long Island Buyer and Seller Questions Answered

Buyers and sellers usually have a lot of questions they need to have answered throughout the process of conducting a real estate transaction. There are some differences, though, in the sets of questions asked. Buyers usually have questions for the seller while sellers typically have questions that only their agent can answer. So let’s examine the top Long Island buyer and seller questions and some possible answers.

Top Long Island Buyer Questions and Answers


Buyers have a certain kind of neighborhood personality in mind and this question is very often asked especially by buyers from out of the area. However, this can be a very tricky question for real estate agents to answer as they have to be mindful of not discriminating. Certainly, real estate agents must be honest and forthcoming but buyers need to know that we are governed by laws and our rules of ethics. If buyers require very specific neighborhood characteristics, it is in their best interest to be candid with their real estate agent while doing their own research into desirable neighborhoods. is a great resource for finding out area statistics. I also advise my clients to drive around the area at different times of the day and especially on week-ends to see the activity in the area. Driving around the area also provide potential buyers with insight into the upkeep of the neighborhood. If unavailable on line, buyers can also call local police stations if they are interested in getting localized crime statistics of an area where they are considering purchasing a home.


For buyers with school aged children, school districts are often times very important. Many Suffolk County, Long Island, New York communities have more than one school district with different rankings. I have referred customers to where they are able to get information on the various school districts. Your real estate agent can use local knowledge to help in understanding how the online rankings stack up to the reality of the area. Once a determination is made about preferred school districts, home buyers should communicate that information to their real estate agents. Your agent will then be able to assist you in finding a home in a chosen school districts.


This is a legitimate question because buyers need to be able to assess their monthly bills to ensure that they will be able to afford the house once it is bought. An accurate account of the property taxes is also very important because that will affect their monthly payment. All too often, buyers find that they are in contract to purchase a home, only to find that the taxes listed on the property was inaccurate. This can be a determining factor of whether they will qualify to purchase the home. A good agent will ensure that the buyer is provided with accurate information prior to going into contract.


Of all the Long Island buyer questions, this one may be the trickiest to answer. As the selling agent who is privy to information from the seller, there is certain information that must be legally disclosed. However, in order to estimate the condition of the house, it is highly recommended that all buyers enlist the services of an engineer prior to going into contract. Typically, an inspection is scheduled within a week of an accepted offer. The engineer will provide a written report which will provide the buyer with relevant information about the condition of the house. This information is an exceptionally useful guide to the buyers because it will help them determine whether to move forward with the purchase of the house.

Top Long Island Seller Questions and Answers


Understandably, sellers want to sell at the best possible time for the sake of a quick sale and a top sale price. Traditionally, spring has been the best time to sell a property. However, many people prefer to put their house on the market in the winter months because they feel that there is less competition and they are able to attract serious buyers. The truth is, when inventory is low as it is now, anytime is a good time. The best time to sell is when it’s right for you. A good agent can help you sell your property at any time and in any season.


This is one of the Long Island seller questions that comes up a lot when people are thinking of selling their house. They want to know what the current state of the market is. Is it hot, and is it a good market for sellers? You will need an experienced local agent if you want an accurate answer to this question. Market conditions fluctuate and is different from town to town and from neighborhood to neighborhood.


This is a highly important question because many sellers really don’t know what to do or where to begin. Your real estate agent can give you a ton of guidance and valuable advice here. You do, of course, need to make your home look its best, but you also have to ensure that what you do will yield a good return on investment.
Typically, the condition of kitchens and baths are very important to buyers. Many buyers’ concerns also include the age of the roof, siding and windows. These are considered big ticket items so the buyer want to know what to expect in terms of major repairs after they purchase the home. Curb appeal is very important…you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. I always advise my sellers to de-clutter, remove personal items such as family pictures…provide a space that will allow potentially buyers to see themselves in the home. Too many personal items tend to make buyers feel like they are intruding in your space. I also advise my clients to stage their house to depict the different living spaces i.e bedrooms as bedrooms, dining room, den, etc. This will help buyers to easily see the space they are buying.


Of all the {market_city] seller questions, this one is probably the most important because there can be significant legal ramifications if required information is not disclosed to potential buyers. Sellers should be honest with their real estate agent who will provide the appropriate guidance about what they must legally disclose to prevent costly future legal problems.

The Easy Way to Answer Long Island Buyer and Seller Questions

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you will have questions for your real estate agent. Buyers should keep in mind that agents are sometimes unable to provide information that can be considered discriminatory. Sellers need to be honest with their agents to ensure that appropriate disclosures are provided. The home buying, home selling process can be very daunting. You will need a qualified, experienced, local Long Island real estate specialist to guide you through the process and answer your seller questions and buyer questions.

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