6 Tips for Home Sellers Who Have Pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities

Owning a pet is a joy and a rewarding responsibility. Home sellers who have pets have to give some consideration on how they will navigate taking care of their pets as they prepare to put their house on the market.  If you are a home seller who have pets, you will need to make some preparations. Keeping your home ready for showings take some planning.  To help make your property’s time on the market quick and easy, take a look at these 6 tips for home sellers who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities.

Consult the Pet Professional

 The very first step is to discuss the circumstances of your home sale with your pets’ veterinarian. 

Your vet will carefully consider any health issues that your pets has exhibited in the past, and be able to better guide you through the coming weeks and months to assist you in doing what is best for your pet. 

Your vet’s recommendations could range from doing absolutely nothing to treating anxiety with prescription medication.

Clean and Organize

Depending on your personal situation, as a home seller who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities, you may need to consider doing some deep cleaning and reorganizing to maximize living space.  In certain circumstances you may need to repair or restore areas of your home that might have suffered some damage from your pets.

For example, some dogs enjoy chewing on the corners of cabinets and cats may decide to use wood paneling as scratching posts. Some upfront repairs compensating for your pets’ unique habits now will ultimately be financially  beneficial to you once offers and contingencies start coming in.

Remember the Exterior

The exterior is very important in the presentation of your home to potential buyers.  Prior to listing the house for sale, do a quick walk around your property to note any problem areas in your landscaping that could have been caused by your pets. 

Fill in any holes, clean up after your pets, and lay fresh sod or mulch to improve its appearance.  Buyers never want to step in animal waste and it may deter them from fully viewing your house.  Additionally buyers can easily injure themselves on your property by stepping into holes that might have been made by your pets.

Do a complete inspection of the exterior of your house.  Remember, curb appeal also includes the back and sides of the home.  Keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Give Them a Vacation

Giving your pets a vacation can be a game changer. A great solution would be to have a trusted friend or family member inviting your pets for an extended visit.  Of course, this would only be helpful if this can be achieved without any undue emotional stress on you or your pets.

Getting your pets out of the house give you a lot more flexibility for cleaning, repairs, and showings. Keep in mind also that some buyers may be afraid of certain animals or may have allergies.  Keeping your pets away may increase the number of showings, offers and potentially improve the amount of money you can get for your home.     

If a vacation for your pets is not an option, at the very least you should give some consideration to keeping your pets out of the house during open houses, private showings, inspections and the appraisal. If nothing else, at least do your best to keep your pest away from the house during showings, open houses, and inspections.

Create Their Own Space

If you are a home seller who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities and you are unable to send your pets on a vacation, you might consider making a new area of your home that caters exclusively to your pets. 

Try finding an area of your home that still allows your pets enough freedom around the house but can be used as comfortable hideaways for your pets once potential buyers are scheduled. 

This won’t be the best choice for anxious pets that may become scared, aggressive or noisy once strangers are nearby. You know your pet best so use your pet’s disposition as a guide to the best course of action during showings of your home.

Do a Test Showing

A final tip for home sellers who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities is doing a test run.  This entails getting a third party to come into your home and do a run through of a showing. Your real estate agent may be a good person to participate in this exercise.  This person should go through the steps of a buyer, viewing your home with an interest in purchasing it.  That could include opening up pantries, looking in closets, checking for squeaky floor boards, etc.  

Identifying and remedying any overlooked details can go a long way to improve the way your home is perceived by potential buyers.  It will also allow you to assess how your pets may behave when faced with strangers going through the house. This is a great strategy for home sellers who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities as it will help make a determination of how best to approach the home selling process.

Help for Babylon and the Surrounding Communities Home Sellers with Pets

I am a pet owner and a Premier Listing Agent.  My pet is a part of my family.   Listing a pet owner’s home comes with some challenges and I go above and beyond to ensure that the home selling process is easy on everyone.  Preparation is key in this process and my vast experience and knowledge working with home sellers who have pets in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities prepare my clients to successfully navigate the many hurdles that can occur. 

If you have a home that you’re planning to sell in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities and have  concerns about making the transition smooth for your pets give me a call today at (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819!

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