6 Things You Need to Know About Selling an Older Home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities

6 Things You Need to Know About Selling an Older Home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities

If you live in an older home, you’re aware of the many benefits and appealing features, such as more square footage, high ceilings, beautiful wood trim and molding, and character. However, despite the many benefits, you may find that when you want to sell that older home, you may be faced with some challenges.  In today’s market, you will be competing with lots of shiny new homes equipped with the latest gadgets, the bells and whistles, that may attract younger buyers.  This, of course, can negatively affect the buying pool by limiting the number of potential buyers. It does not have to be difficult though.  Here are 6 things you need to know about selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities.

1. Proving Maintenance Well Done

When selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities, keep squarely in mind the objections that potential buyers may have. One of the major concerns is whether they will be taking on a maintenance headache. Most buyers in today’s market do not want to have to immediately start making expensive repairs or doing major renovations.  Plumbing and electrical repairs can become a major financial and time-consuming undertaking. To combat this perception, you should be prepared to prove that you have kept up with maintenance and made repairs as needed.  Documentation will be very important because it will provide concrete evidence that will provide peace of mind to potential buyers.

Typically, buyers want reassurance about the following aspects of an older home:

  • State of the foundation and basement
  • Roof age and condition
  • Age of the plumbing
  • Age and condition of the wiring
  • Age and condition of the HVAC system (if any)
  • Age and condition of windows
  • Age and condition of siding

Buyers will likely ask about the size of your utility bills to get a feel for several of these items. Be sure to talk to your Babylon and the Surrounding Communities prior to listing your house for sale so that you can gather all the appropriate paperwork.  Talk to your agent to determine whether it is in your best interest to get your own home inspection done. To find out more, just call (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819.

2. Attending to the Top Two Updates

The top two concerns among home buyers are the age and condition of the roof and windows.  If you are selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities, you will most definitely want to be sure that these two items are in good condition.  A leaky roof or windows that do not adequately keep in the heat or cold air in the summer can be off putting to buyers. If the funds are available, attending to the top two updates can be beneficial to you in selling your house for top dollar and in the least amount of time.

According to industry pros, “[T]these are the two updates that must be done first and should be made a priority. Any roof that is older than 10-15 years will need replacement sooner than later. Older roofs begin to leak and crumble, thereby losing their insulation properties and causing more costly repairs. Older windows are usually single pane with very low insulating properties.  Buyers equate older windows to a drafty home in winter and sweltering home in summer. . . . [P]ut these two repairs at the top of your to-do list.”

3. Lessening Homeowners Insurance Costs

Selling an older home also means that you will have to deal with buyers’ concerns about the cost of homeowners insurance. Insurance for older homes often costs more.  You will need to do what you can, within reason to reduce these costs. 

Older homes come with more risks, and insurance companies are well aware of potential hazards. Homes with older electrical wiring can be a dangerous fire hazard, older plumbing can present major water concerns, and crumbling concrete foundations can cause flooding and costly structural rehabilitation.

If you are planning on selling an older home, you should pay close attention to doing the necessary upgrades and repairs so that potential buyers will not be faced with the concerns of higher home insurance costs. Your {market_city] agent can help you determine which of these issues to address for the greatest return on investment (ROI) when it’s time to sell your house. To speak with a {market_city], call (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819.

4. Opening the Interior 

Buyers today typically want an open floor plan with the feeling of lots of space. But many older homes have lots of rooms and less open interiors. You certainly may not want to invest in a major remodel, but there are things you can do to create a more open feel when selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities:

  • Create half walls between rooms by removing portions of non-load-bearing walls
  • Remove doors between rooms in the primary living area
  • Replace blinds and heavy curtains and drapes with lighter window coverings
  • Repaint brightly covered accent walls in lighter neutral tones 

5. Highlighting Space for Money

Hiring the right real estate agent is exceptionally important when you are selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities. The right agent will know how to market your home by highlighting its special features.  The lack of an open floor plan does not necessarily have to be seen as a negative if you have the right real estate agent.  Many older homes have more square footage than newer homes and emphasizing the larger living space in terms of added value can be beneficial for both the seller and the buyer.  Again, the right real estate will be know how to highlight space for money when you are selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities.

Another key factor in many older homes is their outdoor space. Many older homes were built on larger lots with big yards.  Larger outdoor spaces provide home buyers with many choices.  Whether it is adding a swimming pool, swing set, flower beds, vegetable gardens, bocce court… the possibilities are endless. The right real estate agent will know how to market your home to sell. 

6. Emphasizing Character

Older homes are not going to attract everyone on the market so do not overdo the renovations.  Ideally, you would love the person who buys your home to be able to appreciate its unique character.  An older home in an established community with similar homes will have appealing characteristics that will draw buyers who will be able to appreciate the little nuances that make the home and the community special. The right real estate agent will know how to attract buyers who will cherish the very things you love about your home and see its value.

Wide-plank wood floors, solid wood craftsman doors, fireplaces, ornate mantles and wood moldings, old fashioned sitting room,  wrap-around front porch (or the ability to add one) and the smell of history in an older home are all exciting to the right buyer. Emphazing character is important when selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities.

So while selling an older home in Babylon and the Surrounding Communities may present some challenges, they are not insurmountable. Call 631-357-4819 to get the help you need to successfully sell your house.  Call today (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819.

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