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Design Tips to Help You Sell Your House in Babylon, North Babylon, West Babylon, Deer Park, Brentwood, Bay Shore, Copiague, Lindenhurst, West Islip, Wheatley Heights, Wyandanch

Ready to sell your West Babylon house? Yes, we are in a “Seller’s Market” but even in a “Seller’s Market’, you can’t just stick a “For Sale” sign in the front of your house and then sit back and wait for the great offers to start rolling in. If you are planning to sell your West Babylon house, it is advisable to first step back and take a good, hard look at how your house will show during the selling process. You may find that in order to sell your house for top dollar, you will have to make a few changes. Understanding what can help you sell sooner and for more and what can hinder you from getting top dollar from the sale of your house is essential information. Knowledge is power so let me empower you as you get ready to sell your West Babylon house.


If you are planning to sell your West Babylon house, decluttering is by far the least expensive way to increase its value. Decluttering is therefore, the first step in the process. The payoff is much bigger than you realize. A house, free of clutter will help attract buyers willing to pay top dollar for your house.

As much as decluttering is not a fun job, I promise you that it will help you sell your house for more money. “You want prospective buyers to see the ‘bones’ of the property and not be distracted by clutter or art collections or tabletops filled with family photos . . . Organize the closets, clear the kitchen countertops, remove decorative magnets and the children’s drawings off the refrigerator. [Sometimes] some furniture [should] be removed to give a room a more open, airy feeling.”

Remodel Wisely 

If you think you need to remodel before selling your house in West Babylon or any of the surrounding communities, then you need to make wise remodeling decisions.  It is true that bathrooms and kitchens are big considerations for home buyers but adding a bath or doing a major kitchen remodel may not get you the increase in value that you hope for and may be wasted money. “[S]sometimes a big investment won’t be what your potential buyer wants in a home. What one seller might choose as stylish and expensive is often ripped out and re-done by new buyers…” Beautiful new countertops, cabinets and new appliances can potentially get ripped out and thrown away so that the new owners can remodel to their particular style.

The value of any home improvement is tied to the value of your home as well as your neighborhood.  You do not want to remodel your home out of the market. Example…you don’t want to put a tennis court in your backyard in a community that has no backyard tennis courts and expect to recoup your money when you decide to sell.   Before investing in design overhaul or improvements, consider other homes in the neighborhood in the same price range as yours to see if the improvements will give you the value added you are hoping to reap. 

If you have a house to sell in Babylon or any of the surrounding communities, a qualified real estate agent who thoroughly understands the local market will be an invaluable resource.

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Your Neighborhood Matters

Putting your personal stamp on your home helps to celebrate individuality and your uniqueness but homeowners still need to take their neighborhood into consideration. Maintaining some of the integrity of the neighborhood… some of the original features of the home/features of other homes in your neighborhood can help you sell your home faster and for more money. Whereas, uniqueness can be an asset, being too different can potentially impede the sale of your house.

Your neighborhood matters. If you want the most money when you sell your West Babylon house, you need to see “your house in the context of its neighborhood, especially when it comes to remodeling.” Here is an illustrative example of this . . . 

“[A]n older couple . . . moved into one of Manhattan’s trendiest areas, a part of the city known for its artists’ lofts complete with exposed pipes and open floor plans. The couple spent a huge sum ‘making the apartment look and feel like their house in the suburbs.’ After the renovations were complete, the couple tried to sell, and found it difficult to get a buyer.”

The problem was that, although the space looked very nice, it didn’t “fit with the building or the neighborhood.” The result was that it sat unsold on the market for a long time.  They had remodeled their house out of the market!

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling before you sell your house in West Babylon or any of the surrounding communities house, it is advisable to consult a local real estate expert. To speak to an agent who understands the West Babylon real estate market, call (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819.

Don’t Overdo the Decorating

Whether it’s a house in West Babylon, North Babylon, Deer Park or any of the surrounding communities, you may consider doing some decorating prior to listing.  While some decorating is often advisable, you must make sure you do not go over board.  Keep in mind that potential buyers need to be able to imagine your house as their home, decorated in their own style. As you prepare to sell your Babylon area house, keep the decorations at a minimum.  You should also try and keep the decorations consistent with the style and character of the house. Remove unnecessary items, and personal property that does not enhance the style of the home. Keep in mind that the objective is to attract buyers who will want to buy your house for the highest price. They are interested in seeing the house…not the stuff that is in the house.  Let them see the house!  Over-decorating should most definitely be avoided, but staging is important. Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and at better prices than those that have not been staged. Contact a local real estate agent to discuss what you need to do to get the most from the sale of your West Babylon house. Call (631) 343-2405 Text/Call Cell (631) 357-4819.

Use Neutral Colors and Tones

If you are planning to sell your West Babylon house, you may want to consider doing some painting or light touch up of some areas.  Choosing neutral colors and tones are highly recommended for many reasons:

  • You need to appeal to a wide range of buyers, and bolder colors may put off more conservative ones.
  • Buyers may think that the need for an immediate paint job will mean more money to be spent on the house which can affect the amount they are willing to offer you.
  • Neutral colors can affect the mood of a space as lighter colors tend to make rooms appear brighter and more inviting.
  • Darker colors make rooms feel smaller which can significantly affect the price that buyers are willing to offer.

Lighter, neutral colors work better to achieve the desired blank-canvas effect that allows buyers to imagine their belongings in place and to see your house as their future home.

Hire a Good Real Estate Agent

The most important decision you will make once you decide to sell your Babylon area house is to hire a good real estate agent. An experienced, reputable, real estate professional is essential to getting you the most for your house on your timeline. A good real estate agent will use acquired experience to price your house competitively and utilize cutting edge technology and proven marketing strategies to ensure that qualified buyers are drawn to your house ready to make their best offers resulting in putting money in your bank account.

I am your local real estate agent. I live and work right here. I make it my job to keep current and knowledgeable of the local real estate market in West Babylon and all the surrounding communities. Whether it is with my monthly blog posts about the number of houses sold, available, or the highest house sold each month in our communities, keeping current on the ever changing real estate laws and regulations or keeping up with the changes in home prices is a very big part of my job.  I Am As Local As Local Real Estate Gets!

If, you are ready to sell your West Babylon house you deserve to work with the BEST!!

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