Preparing Your House To Sell

Preparing your house to sell is an important step that should be done prior to listing it for sale.  If you are a homeowner who is preparing your house to sell, there are a few things to keep in mind. Buyers start the home buying process online.  As a result, buyers have pretty much seen your home way before they ever step foot into your house! 

Years ago, buyers literally needed to physically come to your house in order to see what was on the inside. For the most part all they had available to them was a picture of the front of the house from the Sunday newspaper ad. But the Internet changed all of that and buyers will see almost every nook and cranny of your house right from their phone or computer…way before they make an appointment or come to an open house.

When preparing your house to sell, keep in mind that pictures can literally sell your house so you will want to present your house in the best light possible.  Buyers look at the pictures online and make decisions prior to stepping foot in your house.

A good smart phone is needed or hire a professional photographer.

To get the best pictures, you should do a few things ahead of time.

  • Curb appeal is very important.  Spruce up the entrance to your house.
  • Declutter every room.
  • Make sure the house is clean. 
  • Make sure all beds are made and there is no laundry on the floor.
  • Remove all paper from dining/kitchen tables.
  • If possible, remove animals from the area.
  • Remove unsightly items such as laundry baskets, garbage cans, vacuums, etc. from line of vision.
  • Take down as many “personal effects” as possible (pictures, refrigerator magnets, etc.).
  • Make sure all light bulbs are in working condition.  (This will help with lighting.)

Pro tip: Keep on the lookout for a particularly good time of day that your house captures the best light, and schedule the photographer accordingly!

If you have a house on Long Island that you are preparing to sell, you will need a reputable, reliable, real estate agent. Call 631-357-4819. Or just email me by clicking here Carlene Calabrese

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