Inexpensive Repairs That Can Help With The Sale Of Your North Babylon House

Are you thinking about selling and want to know some inexpensive repairs that can help in the sale of your North Babylon house? Here are a few inexpensive repairs  that can help you increase the value of your home.

  1.   Apply caulking around tubs and sinks.   This will help to give it a more finished and a cleaner look.  Buyers look unfavorably on unkept bathrooms.
  2. Install handrails along open staircases and stairwells.  Appraisers sometimes consider the absence of hand rails as a safety hazard and can require it’s installation as a condition. This inexpensive repair also provides an added layer of safety as buyers are viewing the house.
  3. Put a fresh coat of paint over any peeling painted surfaces.  Peeling paint is not only unattractive and brings down the value of your home but it can be used to disqualify an FHA loan which can significantly reduce the pool of qualified buyers available to purchase your house.  This is one of the most overlooked, inexpensive repairs that can help in the sale of your North Babylon house.
  4. Repair water stains.  Often times there’s water damage from a previous leak that has been fixed but the stain remained.  Homebuyers get very concerned when they think that there is water damage to any area of the home.  Applying a coat of paint to an area that is no longer damaged will prevent any unnecessary concerns.
  5. New York State requires that a fire alarm is in every room that is used for sleeping and in every hallway.  The law requires all smoke detectors to be hardwired or powered by a 10-year, sealed, non-removable battery.  A carbon monoxide detector must  also be on every floor.  
  6. Check for drips from faucets and running toilets.  These are usually inexpensive repairs that can help in the sale of your house.
  7. Check for loose light switches.  Any suggestion of a potential electrical problem will create concern for a new buyer.
  8. Change out all your bulbs and keep extras handy. There is no benefit to be had from a bulb going out in the middle of a showing.  
  9. Ramp up your curb appeal.  Remove all debris from your yard.  Trim overgrown plants and bushes.  First impression is very important to a buyer.   Buyers often make a decision about a home before they even enter it based on the curb appeal.
  10. Have all necessary  devices available.  For example, if you have a garage with an automatic door opener, make sure to have the remote available.  Buyers do want to have to go about doing unnecessary work to get the benefits of a home they are purchasing.

If you are planning on selling your North Babylon house,  take some time to look around.  Try and see it through a buyer’s eyes.  A good way of doing this is to attend open houses, virtual or in person.  You will naturally be looking at that house through the eyes of a buyer.  Apply what you learn to your own house.  Keep in mind that repairs do not have to be large to make a difference.   There are many inexpensive repairs that can help in the sale of your North Babylon house.

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