Home Of Your Dreams

Having a hard time finding the home of your dreams in the neighborhood you want? .

You are not alone.  Many buyers are finding themselves in a similar predicament.  Here is the scenario:

They start browsing houses online

They start visiting open houses

They make the decision – the time is right to purchase a house

They get their pre-approval from a lender

They increase their online search

They start calling random real estate agents to show them different houses

They look for months and yet

cannot find the home of their dreams in the neighborhood they want🤔.

They start putting offers on houses that they kinda like

They get out-bidded

They get frustrated

Sounds familiar?  If you have experienced many if not all of the above in your search for the home of your dreams, you may want to consider the possibility that you may be going about this in the wrong way.

Buying a home does not have to be hard.  Yes it is a very expensive undertaking but many, many, many people before you have done it.😁.

First thing’s first.  STOP calling random real estate agents and going off to look at different houses with different agents.   Think about what you’re doing.  You’re calling an agent asking to make an appointment to show you a house.  You meet them at the house.  You don’t like the house.  You go back online, search some more. Call another agent to show you another house and repeat.  How  vested do you really think these random agents are in finding you the home of your dreams in the neighborhood you want?  Realistically how vested can you expect them to be?  About as vested in you as you are in them.

When you are  ready to purchase a home, start off by doing your research on finding an agent.  Preferably one who is certified to represent buyers.

These agents have extensive training and have earned the designation of  Certified Buyer Representative (CBR®). We are licensed real estate agents who have been specially trained to represent buyers in their real estate transactions.

Once you have identified qualified local agents, make an appointment to meet in their offices.  Plan to discuss the home buying process, your wants vs your needs, your budget, your preferred style of houses, location, your availability, walk score…and so much more.  Once you find an agent that you want to work with, HIRE him/her to represent you.

Did you know that while you were running around with all those random agents you literally had no representation?  Yup, if you are looking to buy a house on Long Island, all those agents represented the seller of the house – NOT YOU!  Real estate agents have a fiduciary duty, which is a legal obligation to represent the seller unless they have a written contract with you to represent you, the buyer.  Without a contract with a real estate agent to represent you, you will be making possibly the biggest purchase of your life with an agent who by law must represent the seller of the house that YOU are buying🤔.

WHAAAT? You say?  Yup, it’s true.  I reiterate, find a qualified real estate agent and HIRE him or her to represent you.

A good agent will be able to work with you to devise an actionable plan that will move you out of the tire kicker zone into actually finding the home of your dreams in the neighborhood you want.  ALL while giving you the representation you will need to make important decisions that will impact you for years to come.

For more information or to start your home search with a Certified Buyer Representative on Long Island, contact:

Carlene Calabrese


Google: Realty Connect USA – Carlene Calabrese

Email: homesonlongisland@gmail.com


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