Getting Your House Showing Ready With A Large Family in Babylon and Surrounding Areas

A key to selling your house for the most money is to keep it showing ready.  If you have a large family, just keeping some semblance of order from day to day is a big enough job. But it can get tougher, at times it may even feel overwhelming  when you’re trying to keep your house ready for showings.  Inevitably, there will be times when you get a call and will be asked to schedule a showing in much less time than you would prefer.  However, with some planning, preparation, and  commitment you can do it.   Always keep in mind the reason (s) you  are selling the house in the first place.   This will give you the inspiration to be persistent.  Here’s how to get your house showing ready and keep it that way with a large family in Babylon and Surrounding Areas.

1. Declutter and Be Ruthless About Keeping Clutter Out

Decluttering is absolutely crucial, but it’s not a one-shot deal. You have to stay on top of the clutter and be ruthless about keeping everything out of the house that isn’t essential. If your house stays on the market for several weeks, it’s all too easy to start filling up your house again with stuff after the initial decluttering. Just use your storage areas, put things away after using them, and don’t buy new stuff until your house sells.

2. Designate an Area for Kids and Toys

You have to keep your Babylon and Surrounding Areas house showing ready, but you also have to let your kids be kids.  That means letting them have their toys and a place to play. The trick to keeping everybody happy is to designate a certain area as the kids’ area for them to play and keep all their toys. This way you can keep the disorder and clutter confined to just one or two rooms while keeping the rest of the house showing ready at all times.

3. Have an Unyielding Schedule for Daily Chores

Another tactic to keep your Babylon and Surrounding Areas house showing ready is to set up a schedule for daily chores and cleaning and then stick to it no matter what.  Depending on the ages of your children, you may be able to assign chores  to each person.  Older children are generally more socially aware and may want to show their home in the best light to members of their community.  The two hard and fast rules here are 1) never go to bed with a messy house, and 2) stay on top of the laundry – never let it pile up. Just do some every day, and it becomes far more manageable.

4. Opt for Paper and Plastic

One way to make sure dirty dishes don’t pile up is to switch to paper and plastic.  It may cost a little more and you may feel some guilt about adding to the landfill, but keep in mind that this is a temporary situation.  The sooner your house sells the sooner you will be able to resume your regular lifestyle.   If you are able to, consider eating out as much as possible.  In the event that this is not practical or affordable  for you, switching could be a temporary solution that will help you get your house showing ready at a moment’s notice.

5. Do As Much as Possible Away From Home

You can also get and keep your house showing ready with a large family in the Babylon and Surrounding Areas by doing as much as possible outside of and away from home. Consider going on day trips , visiting friends and relatives, plan outdoor activities.  Any activity that takes place away from your home will help ensure that it is showing ready.  It can even be something as simple as cooking outside and playing family games in the backyard.

6. Ask Your Agent for Additional Tips

As you know, showings are critical.  It may be the difference between a  quick sale and a prolonged selling period.  The effort that you put into making sure the house is available for showings is well worth it.  Work with your agent to make it easy to show the house because the longer the house stays on the market, the longer the inconvenience to you and your family.  The extra effort and some inconvenience to get your house showing ready with a large family in the Babylon and Surrounding Areas can put more money in your pocket and allow you to move on with your life quicker.  Always communicate with your agent because she  may have additional ideas and tips on getting and keeping your house showing ready.

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