Home of Your Dreams

Having a hard time finding the home of your dreams in the neighborhood you want? ☹. You are not alone.  Many buyers are finding themselves in a similar predicament.  Here is the scenario: They start browsing houses online They start visiting open houses They make the decision – the time is right to purchase a … Continued

A Breakdown of Closing Costs for Buyers And Sellers In Long Island

When you buy a house, there are more costs than the down payment and the mortgage. And when you sell a house, there are costs then, too. Both buyers and sellers pay fees at closing.  Understanding closing costs can prevent surprises and unexpected financial challenges. Here’s a breakdown of closing costs for buyers and sellers … Continued

4 Things To Ask Your Lender In Long Island!

Most people, when shopping for a mortgage, usually think only (or at least mostly) about the amount they’ll have to pay each month in mortgage payments. That’s important, of course, but that’s certainly not all there is to it. There are several other considerations that are at least as important. In that vein, here are … Continued

Babylon Homes

Sold Homes Report

Amityville, New York 11701 In Amityville, N.Y., 21 new houses were listed for sale in the month of April and 12 houses closed. Of the sold homes, 9 are in the Amityville School District and3 are in Copiague School District. The highest house sold for $875,000. The original list price was $899,000. This 5 bedroom, … Continued

Top Long Island Buyer and Seller Questions Answered

Buyers and sellers usually have a lot of questions they need to have answered throughout the process of conducting a real estate transaction. There are some differences, though, in the sets of questions asked. Buyers usually have questions for the seller while sellers typically have questions that only their agent can answer. So let’s examine … Continued

How To Stage Your House To Get People To Buy in Long Island

Knowing how to stage your house to get people to buy in Long Island is one of the key ingredients in selling your house quicker and at a better price. Staging involves strategically arranging décor and furnishings to make your house look it’s absolute best and showcase the best features. It may even involve renting décor or … Continued

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent In The Long Island

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, choosing the right real estate agent could be a major component in your success. But you’re bombarded with agents’ advertising, and you just aren’t sure where to start. Another problem is less available information than there is for other professionals. Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation … Continued