A Breakdown of Closing Costs for Buyers And Sellers In Long Island

When you buy a house, there are more costs than the down payment and the mortgage. And when you sell a house, there are costs then, too. Both buyers and sellers pay fees at closing.  Understanding closing costs can prevent surprises and unexpected financial challenges. Here’s a breakdown of closing costs for buyers and sellers … Continued

What To Consider When Thinking About A HELOC in Long Island

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is something many people use when they need to make home repairs or renovations. Considering the fact that the average kitchen remodel costs almost $20,500 and the average roof replacement $6,800, it’s no wonder. The problem creeps in when people spend the money for not-so-wise purchases, Still, a … Continued

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent In The Long Island

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, choosing the right real estate agent could be a major component in your success. But you’re bombarded with agents’ advertising, and you just aren’t sure where to start. Another problem is less available information than there is for other professionals. Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation … Continued

What To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent In Long Island

There is no question that a real estate agent does a lot during the purchase or sale of a house.  Staging, marketing, open houses,  scheduling, follow up, negotiating,  managing are just a  few of their responsibilities.   Once a property goes into escrow, the real estate agent transitions into a detail machine overseeing contract negotiations, scheduling … Continued

Babylon House - Sold Homes

Town of Babylon Sold Homes Report – January 2019

The Homes Sold Report tells the story of the residential real estate market in each community in the Town of Babylon for the month ending January 31, 2019.  Comprised of towns, villages and hamlets, the Town of Babylon Homes Sold Report summarizes the activity in each community. Amityville Sold Homes In Amityville there were 15 … Continued

New Homeowners and Tax Deductions

New homeowners with a mortgage are often unsure of the tax benefits of home ownership while recent home sellers are unaware of how the profit from the sale of their home will affect their tax return.  The new tax season is up on us and it is especially important for new homeowners to Here are … Continued