4 Surprising Things Home Sellers Face In Long Island

Selling a house can be a long, complex process with any number of speed bumps and obstacles along the way. In fact, there are quite a few things that can go wrong at the eleventh hour, as any experienced home seller/real estate agent knows. However, being prepared and armed with the appropriate knowledge will help to reduce many of these surprises. With that in mind, here are 4 surprising things sellers face in Long Island.

1. Buyers Who Want Spur-of-Moment Showings

You have a busy life and a tight schedule, but some people just have no discernible schedule at all. And you’ll find that out when you start showing your home.

It usually goes like this. After a long, hard day at work, you’re ready to eat dinner and chill in front of the TV because you have nothing scheduled for the evening. But then the phone rings. It’s your agent saying that a potential buyer wants to view your home. You’re tempted to say something your mother wouldn’t approve of, but you bite your tongue and agree to the showing because you need to sell your house.

This doesn’t happen often, but it happens often enough to bear mentioning. Typically, you will be notified a day or two in advance about an impending showing. If you have a good agent, she can usually head off such a scenario and schedule the showing for a more convenient time. (Find out more by calling (631) 357-4819.) However, keep in mind, too, that sometimes a potential buyer’s schedule may not align up perfectly with yours and that is the only time that they can fit it in.

2. Buyers Who Don’t Show Up for Showings

An even more infuriating thing sellers face in Long Island is buyers who don’t show up for showings at all. A showing is scheduled, so you frantically straighten up and clean and get the kids quiet . . . and wait. And then you wait some more. But no one shows up.

This happens more than you’d think. The best way to avoid such an occurrence is to have an agent who will help you weed out the mere tire kickers who are likely to be no-shows. Keep in mind though that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances out of the control of all parties involved.

3. Damage At the Last Minute

One of the more disastrous things that sellers face in Long Island is damage that occurs at the last minute, sometimes just before closing. It does happen that a buyer swings by for a last look, and, unknown to either of you, some last-minute damage has happened.

Suppose, for example, that extremely heavy and hard rain fell the night before. Your agent opens the front door for the final walk through, and there on the living room floor you see gallons of water and most of the fallen ceiling drywall. Your insurance will probably cover the damage, but the sale can’t go through in until the repairs have been made.

4. Buyers Who Make Major Purchases Before Closing

You may think you have the sale in the bag, but it’s not a done deal until the dotted lines have been signed at closing. Sometimes before closing buyers make major purchases, and, as a result, their financing falls through. It’s just one of the things sellers face in Long Island because people make decisions that create obstacles.

Real estate professionals will tell you that financing is the area of a real estate transaction where most problems arise. A lot of buyers aren’t aware that their credit will be rechecked by the mortgage lender at the end of escrow. And if they make a major purchase, their credit will be negatively affected.

Hire a Good Agent to Avoid These Things

The 4 surprising things sellers face in Long Island that I’ve listed here are sometimes inevitable and unavoidable. But you can definitely increase your chances of avoiding them (or at least of decreasing the accompanying headache when you can’t) by hiring a qualified, committed real estate agent.

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