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Carlene Calabrese

Residential Real Estate Sales – Babylon and Surrounding Areas

Following is the most current information for single and multi-family residential real estate sales in several towns in Babylon Township for the month of May 2017.

During the month of May, 9 houses were sold in Babylon, 1 of which was a foreclosure.  The highest priced home was sold for $705,000, the lowest priced house was sold $301,558.  16 houses went in contract and 12 new houses were listed.  Of the 12 new listings in Babylon, 6 are in the Babylon School District, 5 in West Babylon SD and 1 in North Babylon SD.

In North Babylon, 14 houses were sold in May.  $422,000 was the highest sale price and $210,000 was the lowest sale price.  There were no short sale or foreclosed properties.  All 13 of the new properties listed in N. Babylon during May are in North Babylon School District.  15 homes went in contract and 14 transactions closed during the month of May.

In West Babylon 14 of the 27 new listings are in W. Babylon SD, 12 are in N. Babylon SD and 1 is in Babylon SD.  28 transactions closed, 2 were short sales and 2 were foreclosed properties.  35 properties went in contract.   $420,000 was the highest sale price and the lowest sale price was $148,000.

In Deer Park, 19 of then new listings are in Deer Park SD, 1 is in Half Hollow Hills SD and 1 is in Wyandanch SD.  31 transactions closed and 36 houses went in contract.  Of the properties that closed, 1 was a short sale property and  1 was a foreclosed property.  The highest sale price was $470,000 and the lowest was $215,000.

During the month of May 2016, there were 25 new listings in Babylon, 21 in North Babylon, 37 in West Babylon and 27 new homes were listed for sale in Deer Park.

Babylon    –          Current Median List Price: $604,500

North Babylon – Current Median List Price: $366,889

West Babylon  – Current Median List Price: $350,000

Deer Park         – Current Median List Price: $374,999

(Co-op and condo sales stats are not included.)

Thinking of selling?  With the shortage of available houses for sale combined with continued high demand, now is most definitely the time to put your house on the market – It’s The Right Move.


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